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Institute of Theology St. Joseph's National Catholic Major Seminary Affiliated to the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome
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Course Title Credit First Semester Second Semester Year
Introduction_to_the_Sacred_Scripture 3 first_year
The_Pentateuch_and_the_Historical_Books 3 second semester first_year
Biblical_Greek 2 first semester first_year
History_of_Isreal_and_Biblical_Hebrew 2 first semester first_year
Introduction_to_Moral_Theology 3 first semester first_year
Medical_Bioethics 3 second semester first_year
Introduction_to_the_Fundamental_Theology 3 first semester first_year
Theology_of_Revelation 3 second semester first_year
Sacraments_in_General_Baptism_and_Confirmation 3 second semester first_year
Methodology_of_Research 1 first semester first_year
Introductory_and_Fundamental_Liturgy 3 second semester first_year
Canon_Law_teaching_office 3 first semester second semester first_year
Canon_Law_general_norms 3 first semester first_year
Early_Church_History 3 second semester first_year
Method_of_Evangelization_FABC_Theology first semester first_year
Wisdom_Literature_and_Psalms 3 first semester second_year
The_Prophets 3 first semester second_year
Christian_Responsibility_in_the_Religious_Realm 3 first semester second_year
Triune_God_The_Trinity 3 first semester second_year
Christology 3 first semester second_year
Pneumatology 3 first semester second_year
Sacraments_of_Eucharist 3 first semester second_year
Liturgical_Time_and_Space 3 second semester second_year
Canon_Law_consecrated_apostolic_life 4 first semester second semester second_year
The_Church_in_the_middle_age 3 first semester second_year
Patrology 3 first semester second_year
Canon_Law_hierarchical_constitution 4 first semester second semester second_year
The_Pentateuch_and_the_Historical_Books 2 second semester second_year
Synoptic_Gospels_and_Acts_of_the_Apostles 3 first semester third_year
Christian_responsibility_towards_the_Created_World 3 second semester third_year
Marriage_and_Virginity 3 first semester third_year
Ecclesiology_Theology_of_the_Church 3 second semester third_year
Christian_Anthropology 3 second semester third_year
Mariology 2 first semester third_year
Ecumenism 3 second semester third_year
Missiology 3 first semester third_year
Sacraments and Sacramentals 3 first semester third_year
Canon_Law_sacramentals_divine_worship 3 first semester second semester third_year
The_Moderm_Church 3 second semester third_year
Catechetics 2 first semester third_year
Canon_Law_the_marriage 3 first semester second semester third_year
Paul_and_Pauline_Literature 3 second semester fourth_year
Johannine_Literatures 3 second semester fourth_year
Hebrews_and_Catholic_Letters 3 first semester fourth_year
Social_Teaching_of_the_Church 2 second semester fourth_year
Spiritual_Theology 2 first semester fourth_year
Priestly_Spirituality 2 first semester fourth_year
Eschatology 3 second semester fourth_year
Sacred_Orders_and_Matrimony 3 first semester fourth_year
Liturgy_of_Mass 2 first semester fourth_year
Rites_and_Ceremonies 2 second semester fourth_year
Marriage_and_Jurisprudence 2 first semester fourth_year
History_of_Catholic_Church_in_Myanmar 3 first semester fourth_year
Pratical_Theology_Pastoral_Ministry 2 first semester fourth_year
Homiletics 1 first semester fourth_year
Pastoral_Counseling 2 second semester fourth_year
Practical_Theology_Pastoral_Management 2 second semester fourth_year
Ad_Auds_Confession 2 first semester fourth_year
Mass_Media_and_Communication 2 second semester fourth_year