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Institute of Theology

St. Joseph's National Catholic Major Seminary

Affiliated to the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome
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Bachelor of Theology

General Norms

The Theologate at St. Joseph’s Catholic Major Seminary has been set up specifically for the education and formation of candidates to priesthood for the Catholic Church in Myanmar. Functioning as a national seminary it admits candidates from all Archdioceses and Dioceses in the nation. Candidates must have completed the required studies in Philosophy as well as a “Spiritual Year” before their admission to the Theologate. (cf.: CBCM decision in January 2000).

St. Joseph’s Catholic Major Seminary offers a four-year program to increase the seminarian’s own understanding of the faith and to provide him with tools and skills necessary to elucidate the principles of the faith for the people he will serve in the ordained ministry. The various disciplines within theology are covered in the curriculum: Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic theology, Moral theology, Spiritual theology, Pastoral theology, Liturgy, Canon Law, and Church history. Those students who have completed the courses required and have passed the examinations will be offered Bachelor Degree in Theology.

Marking of Examinations

Marks in examinations will be assigned as follows:
DesignationMarking Range
“Summa Cum Laude”From 96.00 to 100.00
“Magna Cum Laude”From 90.00 to 95.99
“Cum Laude Probatus”From 80.00 to 89.99
“Bene Probatus”From 70.00 to 79.99
“Probatus”From 60.00 to 69.99